SARTA will conduct virtual public meetings on Wednesday, June 16 to discuss revised fare structure, streamlined ticketing system

May 31, 2021

The Stark Area Regional Transit Authority (SARTA) will discuss revisions to the system’s fare structure and a new streamlined ticketing system during two virtual public meetings on Wednesday, June 16, 2021. The first session will begin at 8:30 A.M. the second will start at 4:30 P.M. Both meetings will live streamed on SARTA’s Facebook page:

To access the meeting search Stark Area Regional Transit Authority in the search bar of Facebook. Open SARTA’s page and the live stream will appear when the meeting starts.

According to SARTA CEO Kirt Conrad, the system will eliminate the Proline 31-day pass, change cards, transfers and all other paper tickets on January 1, 2022. They will be replaced with a new fare structure and streamlined smartcard-based ticketing system that will make riding SARTA more convenient than ever before. Mr. Conrad and members of his staff will provide complete details about the changes and respond to questions from the public during the meetings.

Questions and comments may be submitted before the meetings via the contact form located online at and must be received no later than 12:00 PM on June 15, 2021. Questions may also be submitted via Facebook during the livestream. All questions and responses will be available for review on by 5PM on Friday, June 18th.

For more information about the virtual public meetings please contact SARTA Customer Service at 330-477-2782, Option #2.