Proline ADA Paratransit


What Is Proline?

Proline is a shared-ride, origin-to-destination transportation service for individuals whose disabilities prevent them from independently utilizing SARTA’s fixed routes. Proline rides must be scheduled in advance and are provided on specially equipped smaller buses and vehicles operated by trained SARTA personnel.

Every year thousands of people with disabilities use Proline to travel to work, school, medical appointments, shopping, senior centers, libraries, parks, and hundreds of other destinations in and around Stark County. We are extremely proud of the essential role SARTA and Proline play in enabling these valued and valuable members of our community to live full, independent lives.

Who May Use Proline

According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) three groups are eligible for Proline service: 

  • People who, because of their disability, are unable to board, ride or exit an accessible vehicle in fixed route service;
  • People with disabilities who are able to use accessible vehicles, but accessible vehicles are not available at the time when they need transportation;
  • People who can ride accessible vehicles, but whose disability prevents them from getting to and from a bus stop.

Anyone who believes they qualify for Proline service must complete and submit both a Proline ADA application and a medical verification form signed by a physician.

Using Proline

We strongly encourage new Proline users and family members to take advantage of SARTA’s free travel training service. One of our knowledgeable Outreach Specialists will provide valuable information about Proline’s rules, regulations, and procedures, trip scheduling, purchasing tickets and passes, and other aspects of the service. We believe travel training is key to a successful Proline experience.

We also urge Proline users and family members to review SARTA’s Proline Guide which may be viewed and/or downloaded here. This comprehensive guide addresses important topics including:

  • Scheduling and Cancellation Policy
  • Eligibility determination and appeals process
  • Passenger Assistance
  • Personal Care Attendants, Companions, and service animals
  • Mobility Devices, Ramps, Curbs & Steps
  • Abusive & Disruptive Behavior
  • Application & Reapplication process
  • Reasonable Modification process

Scheduling Proline Service

Proline service is available Monday through Saturday from 5:30 A.M. until 12:00 A.M. and must be scheduled in advance. Rides may be reserved up to four days in advance but no later than one business day before the trip date. Click here to learn more and schedule a ride.

proline paratransit service is not

  • A social service sponsored transportation program.
  • For special event group trips.
  • Designed to meet the needs of every disabled person, some people may require more service or assistance than SARTA’s Paratransit service can provide.
  • For passengers who can use the regular SARTA fixed route buses but do not want to.
  • A door to door service. Drivers may only escort passengers to and from outer doors of a building, upon request.
  • Responsible for the custodial care of passengers.
  • Capable of being a mobility aid for a passenger.

What Next?

If Proline service sounds right for you please continue to the “get started” tab on this page to learn how to get started. If this sounds like it’s not the right fit, you can try our other services.

get started

Complete & submit forms

Anyone who believes they qualify for Proline service must complete and submit both a Proline ADA application and a medical verification form signed by a physician or Nurse Practitioner. The Proline application must be submitted by mail, fax or in person.

All questions on both forms must be answered completely. Incomplete forms will be returned. SARTA will make an eligibility determination no later than 21 days after receiving the complete application (including medical verification form). Applicants will be notified in writing of SARTA’s eligibility determination. Approved Proline users will receive a user ID and password that will enable them to schedule rides by phone or online.

Obtain Forms


In Person

Ask a customer service representative at any of our transit centers for the forms.

By Phone

Call 330-455-2292 | TTY 7-1-1 (1-800-750-0750) to request the forms be mailed to you.

Submit The Forms

The completed application and medical verification form must be submitted in order for SARTA to determine eligibility for Proline service.

  • By mail
  • By fax
  • In-person at any SARTA Transit Center/Gateway

Mail Completed forms to:

Attention: Proline Applications
1600 Gateway Blvd SE

Canton, Ohio 44707

Upon Approval

Upon approval of their application, passengers will receive an eligibility letter and be issued a unique client ID number that will enable them to schedule trips. Please review the policy documents below to learn more about Proline.

Proline Reservationist scheduling a ride over the phone.

Schedule your Trip

Scheduling Proline Service

Proline service is available Monday through Saturday from 5:30 A.M. until 12:00 A.M. and must be scheduled in advance. Rides may be reserved up to four days in advance but no later than one business day before the trip date.

SARTA offers a number of easy, convenient ways for you to schedule, cancel, and receive reminders about Proline trips.

Schedule a trip by phone

Call 330-455-2292 or TTY 7-1-1 (1-800-750-0750) to make reservations up to four days in advance of the trip date. Phone reservations are accepted Monday through Friday from 7:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M.

Schedule a trip online using SARTA GoLine

SARTA’s GoLine online reservation system enables Proline riders to reserve trips on their computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Visit

Users must enter a client ID and password then follow the prompts to schedule a trip.

Goline scheduling is available Monday through Friday from 7:30 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. Trips may be scheduled up to three days in advance. Users will receive a reminder call 24 hours before the scheduled trip as well as an imminent arrival call 15 minutes before the driver arrives at the pickup location.

Reservation Policies

When Is Proline Service Available?

SARTA’s Proline service is available Monday-Saturday from 5:30AM until 12:00AM. Proline service is not available on Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

How Much Does Proline Cost & How Can I Pay?

Like SARTA’s fixed route service, Proline is the safe, reliable, convenient, and AFFORDABLE way to travel across Stark County.

Single Fare Ticket: $2.25

10-Ride Ticket: $22.50

All Proline fares may be used to travel on SARTA’s fixed routes.

You can purchase tickets and fares online, at any Transit Center or use EZfare, our free, touchless, mobile ticketing app that is the safest way to pay for your ride.

How Far In Advance Can/Must Trips Be Schedules?

Proline Telephone Scheduling

Day To Schedule By PhoneTo Schedule Trips For
MondayTuesday – Friday
TuesdayWednesday – Saturday
WednesdayThursday -Monday
ThursdayFriday – Tuesday
FridaySaturday – Wednesday

Proline Online Scheduling With GoLine

Day To Schedule OnlineTo schedule trips for:
MondayTuesday, Wednesday
TuesdayWednesday, Thursday
WednesdayThursday, Friday
ThursdayFriday, Saturday
FridaySaturday – Tuesday

How Do I Cancel A Reservation?

Canceling a scheduled trip

Proline users are asked to provide at least one day of advance notice if they need to cancel a scheduled trip. A penalty may be assessed for no-shows or for trips canceled less than one hour before the scheduled time or at the rider’s door.

Fortunately, SARTA offers a number of convenient ways to cancel:

By phone: Call SARTA’s Priority Care Line at 330-455-2292 between the hours of 5:00 A.M. and 1:30 A.M. Select Option One from the menu. If a reservationist is not available, please provide the information requested by the automated system. You will receive a call back to complete the cancellation process.

Via GoLine ExpressCheck: SARTA’s GoLine ExpressCheck automated phone system enables users to cancel trips 24 hours a day. To access the system 330-430-1745, enter a Client ID and password, then follow the prompts.

How Far In Advance Of My Scheduled Time Do I need To Be Ready?

SARTA schedules pick-up times in 30-minute windows. SARTA’s automated system sends a text message or passenger may receive an automated call before their scheduled picked up window with an estimated pick-up time, this does not change the passenger’s pick-up window. Regardless of what the text or call says the passenger is expected to be ready and waiting for their ride at the front door of their house or in the lobby of a complex, apartment building or office, or some other place with a clear view of where the SARTA bus will arrive at the beginning and throughout their 30-minute pick up window.

If the proline bus arrives earlier than the start of the window time you do not have to be ready until the window time starts.

How Do I Check On A Ride?

Confirming a scheduled trip

Scheduled trips may be confirmed 24 hours a day, seven days a week online at or via GoLine’s automated phone system at 330-430-1745 or by calling SARTA’s Proline number at 330-455-2292, option #1.