Travel Training

Whether you are new to public transit, an occasional rider, or an experienced traveler looking for info about new routes, programs, and apps, taking SARTA’s free Travel Training classes will make it incredibly easy to use our safe, reliable, convenient, and affordable mobility services to reach thousands of destinations in and around Stark County.

Fixed Route Travel Training

Available to groups or individuals and provided in-person, online, or as videos, these entertaining and informative 45-minute classes are taught by knowledgeable and engaging outreach specialists who know everything there is to know about using our award-winning public transit system.

Topics include:

Proline Travel Training

SARTA also offers specialized travel training for individuals and family members of individuals who are eligible for and/or use ProLine, SARTA’s ADA paratransit service. Topics include:

For more information or to schedule a Travel Training class, please call 855-887-2782. Our friendly Outreach Specialists are eager to help you learn how to get the most from SARTA!