Public Meetings

On Wednesday, October 14th, 2020, SARTA will be hosting a VIRTUAL Public Meeting at 10AM to highlight CHANGES to several routes including the 117 and 119. 

Due to recent restrictions on public events the meeting will be LIVE STREAMED on SARTA's Facebook Page. 
To access the meeting:
  • Search Stark Area Regional Transit Authority in the search bar of Facebook
  • Click to open our page and the live stream will appear when the meeting starts. 

Public Comment is welcomed and encouraged. Use the form below to sumbit your questions if you cannot make the meeting on the 14th.  

In addition, you may call SARTA Customer Service at 330-477-2782 (Option #2) where your questions will be taken. Questions will be accepted through the online form, calls to Customer Service and as Facebook comments up to 24 hours AFTER the meeting on October 14th, 2020.

All questions and answers will be posted on SARTA’s website following the October 14th, 2020 meeting. 

Three of SARTA's routes (the 101, 105 and 113) will begin their runs 1/2 hour (30 minutes) earlier in the day (5:15AM) and end 1/2 hour (30 minutes) earlier (9:15PM) with the upcoming changes on November 16th, 2020. These three routes WILL NO LONGER line up with the :45-minute Line-Up at the Cornerstone Transit Center.  

Proposed changes to the 117 and 119 are listed below: 

Route 117: 


  • SARTA's Rt 117 would no longer utilize 6th St NW to Shorb but would instead tun from 6th St onto Cleveland Ave NW and proceed to 12th St NW.


  • There would be no changes to the Inbound route of the 117. 

Route 119: 


  • SARTA's Route 119 would no longer service Cromer on the Outbound route but instead use 30th St NW to Cleveland Ave NW (servicing the new Marc's Store and other businesses) to 44th St NW, to Frazer Ave NW, to 34th St, to Cromer and Resuming regular Inbound route. 
  • This would eliminate service to Norman Ave NW, 41st St NW and to 37th St NW. The Route would also only service Cromer Ave NW on the Inbound. 


Public Meeting Questions and Answers: 

Why the duplication of service? The 105 already services these areas you propose to send these routes. This is a very inefficient use of resources. Why not research new areas? Like send the 119 on the backside of Harrison hill? Or the 117 back into some residents homes in the area of the armory? Or is it the fact the 105 is still a route that needs help after 20 years?

  • In conjunction with the time table change to the 105, the change to the 119 will allow service to Cleveland Ave. businesses between 30th St and 44th St every half-hour instead of every hour. As a whole we are trying to reduce service within residential areas in response to homeowner comments and requests.

Some people like myself need the bus transportation to get to work so we don't lose our jobs? How are we to get to work and keep a job?

  • Actually, with the time table changes to the 101, 105 and 113 to an earlier departure it should make it easier to get to work in the mornings and get home sooner when your shift ends. With regards to the 117 and 119, we are still servicing the Giant Eagle on Cromer, 30th St. plaza and more business along Cleveland Ave. in addition to our Success Express routes there are plenty of SARTA options to get you to work.

Are you changing times for the 105?

  • Yes, the 105 will now leave Cornerstone at 5:15AM instead of 5:45AM. This change will push ALL time-points up by 30-minutes with the route ending the day at 9:15PM. This route will no longer make the 45-mintue lineup at Cornerstone.
I just got on, any changes to the 102?


  • No, there are no changes for the 102 at this time

I’ve been riding the 119 for 16 years to go to work. I'm more concerned with the time points on 25th street and when it'll arrive at the Cornerstone.

  • The 119 will still arrive at Cornerstone at 40-minutes after the hour. The only other changes to the time table is a 5-minute push-back to the following time points:
    • 44th & Cleveland – 10-minutes after the hour
    • Frazer & 44th – 15-minutes after the hour
    • 30th & Cromer – 20-minutes after the hour
    • 25th & Fulton – 28-minutes after the hour