Public Meetings

On Thursday, October 7th, 2021, SARTA will be hosting a Public Meeting at their Massillon Transit Center to discuss upcoming changes to Massillon Routes. 


Where: SARTA's Massillon Transit Center - 41 S. Erie St. Massillon, OH 44646

When: Thursday, October 7th, 2021 @ 9AM and 5PM

What: Upcoming Route Changes to Rt. 122/128 & 124/126

The meetings will discuss upcoming changes to SARTA’s Massillon Routes (Rt. 122/128, 124/126) with regards to their Time Tables and Maps. The meeting will be hosted at SARTA’s Massillon Transit Center, 41 South Erie St. Massillon, OH 44646, and on SARTA’s Facebook Page. To access the meeting search Stark Area Regional Transit Authority in the search bar of Facebook and click to open our page. The live stream will appear when the meeting starts.

Questions for the meeting can be submitted in advance using the Public Meeting Question/Feedback form available below. Questions must be submitted by 12:00PM on October 6th to be answered during the meeting. 

Detailed information on the route changes can be found below: 

Rt. 124/126 

SARTA's Rt. 124 and 126 will now be interlined together with updates to the route map and time-tables. Rt. 126 will now leave the Massillon Trasnit Center and run with 90-minute frequency. Rt. 124 will leave the Transit Center beginning at 6:15AM and running with 90-minute frequency. 

Rt. 122/128

SARTA's Rt. 122/128 will continue to be combined and run with 90-minute frequency. There will also be stops added at Sterelite, Shearers and the Navarre YMCA. Please see updated time-tables and maps below. 

 Rt. 101:

SARTA's Rt. 101 will now use 35th ST instead of 34th St. when outbound from Cornerstone. There will only be a map change, please see below: