Massillon Transit Exchange Location

All Massillon routes will utilize the transit exchange location at 227 Tommy Henrich Dr. NW.

SARTA tickets and passes will still be available for purchase from SARTA’s other three Transit Centers located in Belden Village, Downtown Canton and Alliance. Riders can also use SARTA’s EZFare app, the Uber app, Transit app and the Moovit app to purchase mobile tickets and passes for use on all SARTA services.



  • Where can I buy SARTA Passes? 

    • SARTA Passes are available through EZFare, SARTA's Mobile Ticketing App, the Uber app, and Transit app. You can also purchase passes at any SARTA Transit Center (Cornerstone, Belden Village and Phyllis Beyers Alliance). 
  • Will there be a bathroom available for use? 

    • No, there will not be any public facilities at the Massillon Transit Exchange Location, this location will function like all other SARTA bus stops. 
  • Why are you closing the Massillon Transit Center? 

    • We are building a standalone facility for the Transit Center in Massillon.
  • Where is the Massillon Transit Exchange Location? 

    • 227 Tommy Henrich Dr. NW, across the street from Towne Plaza Shopping Center. There will be several bus stop shelters where riders can catch their bus. 
  • How will I know what bus to catch? 

    • The headers on the buses will not be changing from what they currently are. 
  • Can I buy more than one pass in perparation for the transit center closure? 

    • Yes! Riders can purchase regular fixed route and Proline passes in advance at the Massillon Transit Center through December 17th. 
  • When will the new transit center open?

    • We are working on a timeline as we are building the new trnasit center from the ground up.