Wayne County Transit

Wayne County Transit (WCT) a joint project of Community Action Wayne/Medina (CAWM) and the Stark Area Regional Transit Authority (SARTA), will begin offering safe, affordable, convenient countywide public transit service on (insert date). CAWM and SARTA released the following information about Wayne County Transit:

  • All Wayne County residents may use WCT.
  • Service will be available Monday through Saturday from 6:00 AM until midnight. Trips must be scheduled in advance.
  • WCT is a shared ride service so passengers may ride with others who are traveling in the same general direction. In addition, drivers may make multiple pickups and drop-offs during each trip.
  • All WCT vehicles are ADA compliant and will accommodate personal mobility devices including wheelchairs.
  • The one-way fare of $2.50 may be paid with EXACT CHANGE on the bus or via EZfare, SARTA’s free mobile ticketing smartphone app.
  • Residents are required to register with CAWM before using WCT. Registration forms may be obtained by calling 330-264-8677 and are also available online at www.cawm.org. When the registration process is complete residents will receive a unique WCT Client ID number that will enable them to schedule rides.
  • Request for reservations should be received three to four days in advance of the day the trip is needed.
  • Residents who start using the service for work trips will receive free trips to and from work for their first 20 days riding on the service.
  • Additional detailed information about WCT is available online at https://www.cawm.org/programs-and-services/transportation-Assistance/or by calling 330-264-8677.