Updates to SARTA Plan to go Paperless in 2023


As part of SARTA's plan to go paperless, we have some important updates listed below: 

The LAST DAY the Proline 31-day pass will be available for sale (both at SARTA Transit Centers and on EZFare) will be October 31st, 2022

The Proline 31-Day pass will NO LONGER be ACCEPTED AS FARE PAYMENT after December 31st, 2022


Several SARTA paper tickerts will be available through AT LEAST December 31st, 2022. They include: 

  • SARTA Paper Passes that "dip or swipe" on the farebox. (Proline 31-day passes are EXCLUDED)
  • Change Cards
  • Paper Transfers
  • All Day Pass purchases on SARTA vehicle fareboxes. 

SARTA plans to go paperless by the end of 2023.