Traveling to work in Alliance Commerce Park will be easier than ever when SARTA’s new Route 133 hits the road on August 16

August 13, 2021

Getting to work at businesses in the rapidly expanding Alliance Commerce Park will be easier than ever before when the Stark Area Regional Transit Authority’s (SARTA) new Route 133 hits the road on Monday, August 16. Buses will depart from SARTA’s Phyllis Beyers Transit Center at 6:45 A.M Monday through Saturday and pick up and drop off passengers at Trilogy Plastics and other destinations along West Main Street and Freshley Ave. NE until 9:10 P.M.

According to SARTA CEO Kirt Conrad, the transit system developed the new route in response to a request from Rick Baxter, President of Alliance Area Development which helps support the companies in the Alliance Commerce Park. “Rick noted that a number of employees working at Trilogy Plastics used our exiting service but had a long walk from the stop W. State Street to the company,” Mr. Conrad said. “The new route will eliminate the long trek to Trilogy and other companies in the Park including Mac Trailer, Winkle Industries, Robertson Heating Supply, and Coastal Pet. Our planning department believes we will see a significant increase in ridership when the new service begins.”

Mr. Conrad said the launch of Route 133 demonstrates SARTA’s commitment to working with the area’s economic development entities, local governments, social service agencies, private employers, and community leaders to meet the area’s evolving transportation needs. “We constantly monitor and adjust to changes in the location and intensity of industrial, retail, and residential activity by adding or shifting routes or adopting completely new service models like the Success Express,” Mr. Conrad said. “Our flexibility and eagerness to collaborate promotes growth, drives economic development, and enhances the quality of life in Stark County.”

The 133, like all SARTA’s fixed routes, will deliver affordable, convenient, safe, dependable service. The single ride fare is $1.50, the reduced fare for those over 65 or people with disabilities is $0.75, and a variety of multi-ride passes are available. Tickets and passes may be purchased at the Phyllis Beyer Transit Center, online, or via the free EZfare app.

For more information please contact SARTA Customer Service at 330-477-2782, Option #2.