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Download Ohio Ride App on Google PlayEZFare Validators are COMING SOON to all SARTA vehicles!


Starting in August, riders will start to see EZFare validators on all SARTA Vehicles. These devices, in addition to the Fareboxes, will allow riders to continue to pay their fare using SARTA's mobile ticketing app, EZFare. 

There will be no changes to purchasing passes or activating them within the app but starting in August, riders will need to use the validators and scan the QR code on their mobile device screen when boarding SARTA vehicles that have Validators installed. See the How-To video below for more! 



EZfare allows transit users to download an app and purchase fares on any of the eleven approved transit systems, anytime, anywhere. No need to go to multiple transit centers to purchase tickets/passes or wait in line on the bus. And now EZfare is available to use in the UBER and Transit app! Plus, you can leave your cash at home!

SARTA has several passes available on EZFare including: 

  • All Day Pass
  • 1-Ride Proline
  • 31-Day Regular Fixed Route
  • 31-Day Proline
  • Cleveland Rt. 4
  • Wayne County 

How it works

Step 1. Download the EZfare App. The app is free to download and is available on Android and Apple. Once your app is open, create an account or sign-in.

Step 2. Pick your Transit Agency. Choose the transit system you wish to travel with (if travelling with Wayne County Transit, select SARTA as your transit agency). You may purchase tickets to more than one transit system by going into each one.

Step 3. Selecting Your Fare. Select "buy tickets" to purchase fares or go into your Ticket Wallet to use tickets/passes that you have already purchased.

Step 4. Purchasing Your Ticket. Select the type of ticket you would like to purchase. Enter your payment information. EZfare currently accepts Debit/Credit Card. You can store payment information to make future payments faster and easier.

Step 5. Using Your Ticket. Go to your "Ticket Wallet" and select the ticket(s) that you want to use. Activate your ticket just prior to boarding the bus. Your phone will become your ticket and you can show it to your driver to get on-board. You DO NOT have to be online to activate your ticket. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact SARTA at 330-477-2782 (opt. #2).


SARTA EZFare passes are available for purchase on MoovitUBER and the TRANSIT app!