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SARTA's Proline Service

SARTA Proline service provides transportation services to all passengers with ADA recognized disabilities. Transportation is countywide in small buses that are furnished with the staff and equipment necessary to transport disabled individuals to and from their end point.  Unlike our fixed route services, these trips are scheduled in advance. 

How can I qualify for the Proline Service?

1. In accordance with the Americans with Diabilities Act (ADA), SARTA offers Paratransit Service to individuals who, because of a functional disability (physical or cognitive) cannot access or use our fixed route bus service.

2. Download the ADA Application and return it with the medical verification page completed by your doctor, or click here to fill our our online assessment and download the medical verification to have completed by your doctor and mailed into SARTA.  You can also obtain an application by calling 330-455-2292 or TTY 7-1-1 (1-800-750-0750)*.  Once your application has been processed you will recieve a client identification number and will be considered eligible.

How can I book a ride on the Proline Service

1.  Qualified riders can call 330-455-2292 or TTY 7-1-1 (1-800-750-0750) to make reservations 3-4 days in advance (depending on the day).  Reservations are accepted from 7:30 am - 5:00 pm; Monday-Friday on any day preceding a service day.

2.  Rides are available Monday-Saturday (except major holidays), from 5:30 am until 12:00 am. 

How much will it cost to ride Proline?

Single Fare: $2.25

10-Ride Ticket: $22.50

31-Day Pass: $63

All Proline passes can be utilized on Fixed Route buses

All Proline fares are available in the Fares & Passes section of the website.  

What are the procedures for using Proline?

A full listing of procedures is available in the Paratransit Policies Manual

Riders should also be aware of the penalties that result from No Shows, Cancels at the Door, or Late Cancels which is located in the Policies Manual. An appeal request form can be downloaded here.

Interested in Training?

Utilizing transit service for the first time can be overwhelming.  SARTA has three travel trainers on staff who can walk you through how to book a ride and how to fully utilize our Proline service.  If you are interested in training call 1-855-TT-SARTA.  You can find out more information about our travel training program on the riding page of our website.

Individuals who take this Proline travel training course will be eligible to receive 2 one-ride Proline tickets (you must be a qualified Proline client in order to take the training course and receive passes). 

*The TTY (Text-Telephone Relay) System is perfect for people who are deaf, hard-of-hearing, deaf-blind, or speech-disabled. Use a TTY to type your conversation to a Communication Assistant (CA), who then reads the typed conversation to a standard telephone user at SARTA. The CA relays the hearing person’s spoken words by typing them back to the TTY user

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