World Community Grid Partnership

Did you know that your computer or mobile device can help cure diseases or research clean energy? IBM's World Community Grid (WCG) brings together researchers that need massive computing resources (think supercomputers) with hundreds of thousands of volunteers that donate the idle time of their devices to help solve those issues. The combined effort of the participants' devices exceeds the power of a few supercomputers.

SARTA has and continues to focus on green technology and has taken steps to improve the air quality and protect natural resources in our community and around the world. We have long been a supporter of alternative fuels for our fleet such as diesel-electric hybrid, biofuel, compressed natural gas (CNG) and now hydrogen fuel cells. With World Community Grid we can utilize our devices around the clock, even when employees are not working at their desks. 

SARTA has contributed hundreds of compute-years to research projects such as COVID-19, African Rainfall, Zika, AIDS, Ebola, Tuberculosis, Cancer, Genome research and Clean Energy. As of April 2020, SARTA averages one year of research per calendar day and are ranked #56 worldwide out of hundreds of thousands of volunteers (top 0.01%). In late April 2020, we will have contributed 1500 years of research!

Since September 2013, SARTA has donated computing time as shown below and continues to volunteer our devices to the World Community Grid.

Join the World Community Grid today. It's free! You can use your computer (Windows, Apple or Linux), Android or Apple iOS phone or tablet to contribute. When you join WCG, you download a small program or app onto your device. The program requests work from WCG's servers, your device performs the computations to complete the job and sends it back to WCG and repeats, all with no disturbance to how you normally use your device. Click here to Join and thank you.


Introduction to World Community Grid

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