Vaccination Proof for Pass

Got your Vaccination? Get 4 Free EZFare Bus Passes (or 30 One Ride proline tickets)! 

Take your COVID Vaccine Documentation to ANY SARTA Transit Center and get 4 FREE 31-Day Fixed Route Passes or 30 One-Ride Proline Tickets issued to your EZFare Ticket Wallet!

All you have to do is show your COVID Vaccine Card to any Customer Service Representative and they will validate your vaccination information for the following**: 

Vaccine Type

Number of Entries

Pfizer 2 Doses
Moderna 2 Doses
Johnson & Johnson/ Janssen 1 Dose

Once validated, the CSR will ask for your name, phone number and email address that is associated with your EZFare account

Bus passes will be loaded by 5PM to EZFare Accounts on the schedule below : 

Documentation Shown

  Pass will be issued:  

May 2nd - 5th May 6th
May 6th - 12th May 13th
May 13th - 19th May 20th
May 20th - 26th May 27th
May 27th - 31st June 3rd

Riders will only recieve one issue of 4 31-Day Fixed Route passer or 30 One-Ride Proline tickets and MUST have an EZFare Account to recieve the pass. 

You CANNOT recieve both Fixed Route and Proline Passes/Tickets. 

 ** If your documentation does not meet the vaccination requirements you will NOT recieve the 4 free 31-Day Passes or 30 One-Ride Proline Tickets.