Transporting Stark County Back to Work

SARTA currently provides almost 2.6 million rides ever year to work, school medical appointments and for a variety of critical needs. Despite these efforts, a great transportation need still remains here in Stark County. Through discussion in the community with riders, citizens and local non-profits we realize that SARTA must do more to reach out to those who are still suffering the effects from devastatingly high joblessness rates.

Despite some turnaround in the economy, Stark County still has an unemployment rate that is higher than the national average. Many of these individuals face barriers to work; however, the one that is most often repeated is transportation. Due to low-income and job loss, these individuals cannot afford transportation to seek employment or reach new employment.

SARTA has partnered with agencies across Stark County whose mission it is to ensure that Stark County citizens find employment and receive the training and skill set they need in order to achieve that goal. Through these agencies, SARTA will offer participants of these programs up to 90 days in free bus passes over the life of the program.

These bus passes will be distributed monthly by agency providers to participants who are actively seeking employment or who have just recently retained employment within the last 60 days. All agencies will be required to utilize the Goodwill database system that tracks every user and their status of services received.

Partner agencies

  • Ohio Means Jobs

    Amy Miller -                         330-433-9675

  • Goodwill Industries                                              Emma Walsh -                          330-454-9461 x 1039

  • Stark County Jobs and Family Services

    Customer Service -             330-451-8861 or email

  • The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Logo

    Syliva Thomas-     

  • Stark Social Workers

    Brenda Kimbrough -           330-455-2260      or

  • Stark County Community Action Agency

    Ella Smith -                           330-580-9347

  • Men's Challenge of Alliance

    Rex Morey -                          330-754-6203


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