Transit Talk

Welcome to SARTA's Transit Talk! This monthly series will be geared towards sharing some insights into the daily operations and happenings of SARTA. In these episodes, we will be interviewing several SARTA employees that play a pertinent role in making Stark County's public transportation service a success. 

The series will also be an opportunity for you, the viewers, to ask us questions about our services, routes and other inner workings of SARTA. 

Hosted by Jack Thompson, Outreach Coordinator, and Nina Phillips, Outreach Specialist, Transit Talk aims to open the doors of our Gateway facility while assisting you in getting the most out of our services. 

There will be two portions every month, the first will be an interview with a SARTA team member to learn about what is currently happening at SARTA in their respective department while the second will be a Facebook LIVE portion for you to have your questions answered regarding SARTA services, Fixed Route or Proline. 

Your questions for the LIVE portion can be submitted using the form below, in the comments during the LIVE portion itself or in the comments below the SARTA team member video.