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  1. Plan Your Trip on SARTA

    Looking to track your bus in real time? Check out SARTA’s innovative PinPoint system.

    1. PinPoint Live Transit Info
    2. Rider Alerts
    3. Popular Destinations
  2. SARTA Route Schedules & Maps

    To find a schedule, choose a SARTA route from the list or use the in-page search.

    1. System & Bus Connection Maps
  3. Buy Bus Passes & Tickets

    A fare is required for use of all SARTA buses, children 5 and under do not require a bus pass.

    1. SARTA Tickets (Stored Ride) and Passes (Frequent Rider)
    2. SCORE Card
    3. TapCard
    4. Discount Programs
    5. Where to Buy Passes
  4. Rider Resources

    SARTA operates 34 fixed routes throughout Stark County and into Akron and Cleveland.

    1. Our Transit Centers
      1. Belden Village Transit Center
      2. Massillon Transit Exchange Location
      3. Cornerstone Transit Center
      4. Phyllis Beyers Alliance Transit Center
    2. Services & Programs
      1. SARTA's Success Express Service
      2. Wayne County Transit
      3. Fixed-Route Services
      4. Proline Services
      5. Medicaid Services
      6. Veteran Program
      7. Student Programs
      8. Travel Training
      9. WRTA Partnership
    3. Bike and Ride
    4. Apps & Tools
      1. EZfare
      2. SARTA Buzz
      3. SARTA PinPoint by MyStop
      4. SARTA's GoLine Service
    5. Accessibility
      1. Title VI
    6. Rider Rules
    7. Transfers with Other Agencies
    8. Helpful Links
    9. FAQ
    10. Lost & Found
    11. Vaccination Proof for Pass
  5. Community Events

    Stark County hosts many events each year, check out our Calendar to see what is happening.

    1. Veteran's Day
    2. Get on Board for Public Transit
    3. Transit Talk
    4. Calendar
    5. Public Meetings
  6. About SARTA

    We operate 34 fixed routes in Alliance, Akron, Canton, Cleveland, Hartville, Jackson Township, Louisville, Massillon, North Canton and Uniontown Do you wonder, Where does SARTA go? We go all over Stark County to grocery stores, shopping centers, medical facilities, restaurants, schools, the airport, libraries, museums, places of employment and much more.

    1. Our History
      1. SARTA Milestones
    2. Our Mission and Vision
    3. Careers
      1. Current Job Openings
      2. Benefits of a Career with SARTA
    4. Executive Staff
      1. Executive Director/CEO
      2. Operations
      3. Information Technology (IT)
      4. Human Resources
      5. Finance
      6. Customer Relations
    5. Financial Reports
    6. Grant Applications
      1. Fare Matching Program
      2. 5310 Grant Application
    7. Environment & Sustainability
      1. SARTA's Borrow-A-Bus Program
      2. Hydrogen Fuel Cell
      3. Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)
      4. SARTA's Other Sustainable Efforts
    8. Advertising with SARTA
    9. Board of Trustees
      1. Board Meetings & Work Sessions
    10. Transit Development Plan / Transit Asset Management Plan
  7. Contact Us

    Customer Service Info/Questions 330-477-2782 (opt #2)Fax: 330-454-5476Contact Customer Service Proline Reservations 330-455-2292TTY: 7-1-1or 1-800-750-0750 Administrative Offices 330-477-2782or 1-800-379-3661 Travel Training 1-855-8872782 *TTY (text-Telephone relay) 7-1-1 or 1-800-750-0750 The TTY System is perfect for people who are deaf, hard-of-hearing, deaf-blind, or speech-disabled.

    1. Customer Feedback
  8. Media Center

    SARTA will respond promptly and completely to media inquiries, if you are a member of the press or media, please contact Kirt Conrad, CEO by email at kconrad@SARTAonline.

    1. SARTA in the News
      1. Press Releases REDIRECT
    2. SARTA Articles
    3. SARTA Literature & Printed Materials
    4. SARTA Videos
      1. SARTA TV
    5. Image Library
      1. SARTA Black and White Logo
      2. SARTA All-White Logo
      3. SARTA Logo
      4. Hydrogen Fuel Cell All-White
    6. Press Kit Materials
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