SARTA's Borrow-A-Bus Program

"The Energy of Tomorrow coming to your city today" 

In October, 2018, SARTA CEO, Kirt Conrad, announced the implementation of a one-of-a-kind program that would allow any transit dependent organization or transit agency the opportunity to borrow one of SARTA’s Zero-Emission Hydrogen Fuel Cell buses at no initial* cost. Since the announcement of the program in October 2018 and the subsequent Borrow-A-Bus Press Release, interest has poured in from all over the country and it is evident that the technology wants to be seen. 

The program, supported by ElDorado National and BAE Power Systems, is designed to showcase the innovative technology and to provide a real-world hands-on experience to those that may have an interest in moving toward a zero-emission future. In addition to the bus, BAE and ENC will provide free technical support end expertise while the bus is on loan in order to answer any questions. 

SARTA’s effort to achieve an emission-free transit system has since evolved into a much larger campaign, one that involves education and an accompanying experience. The Borrow-A-Bus Program is a way for SARTA to share our story and the technology behind it. 

For more information or to schedule your Borrow-A-Bus visit, please fill out the form below or contact the Borrow-A-Bus Administrator at 330-477-2782 Ext. 570