Transfers with Other Agencies

SARTA & Greater Cleveland RTA Transfers

SARTA and Greater Cleveland RTA will continue to honor any and all transfers presented by passengers wishing to board a SARTA bus at our Downtown Cleveland location or a Greater Cleveland bus.  

To facilitate travel between Stark and Cuyahoga counties, riders may transfer from one system to the other at any Downtown Cleveland stop and at the Wade Park VA facility.

Riders note:

  1. You must always pay the fare on the first system you board. A transfer is only valid for one ride on the adjoining system.
  2. Traveling from Stark County, ask your SARTA driver for a transfer to RTA.
  3. Traveling into Stark County, ask your RTA driver for a non-valid fare receipt that serves as a transfer.

For more information, call the SARTA at 330-477-2782.

SARTA and Transfers with other Agencies 

SARTA honors transfers from METRO and PARTA.  Passengers transferring to SARTA's service from another local transit authority will get one free ride on a SARTA bus. Passenger must have a transfer slip issued from the outside transit system.