Route Changes EFFECTIVE Nov. 16th 2020


Rt. 101, 105 & 113

Three of SARTA's routes (the 101, 105 and 113) will begin their runs 1/2 hour (30 minutes) earlier in the day (5:15AM) and end 1/2 hour (30 minutes) earlier (9:15PM) with the upcoming changes on November 16th, 2020. These three routes WILL NO LONGER line up with the :45-minute Line-Up at the Cornerstone Transit Center. 

Schedules for the 101, 105 and 113 that will BEGIN ON NOVEMBER 16TH can be found below.  

Rt. 117 & 119

Beginning November 16th, 2020, SARTA's Rt. 117 and 119 will have Map and Time Table changes.

The 119 will now no longer service Cromer on the Outbound route but instead use 30th St NW to Cleveland Ave NW (servicing the new Marc's Store and other businesses) to 44th St NW, to Frazer Ave NW, to 34th St, to Cromer and Resuming regular Inbound route. This would eliminate service to Norman Ave NW, 41st St NW and to 37th St NW. The Route would also only service Cromer Ave NW on the Inbound. 

The 117 will no longer utilize 6th St NW to Shorb but would instead tun from 6th St onto Cleveland Ave NW and proceed to 12th St NW.

Downloadable and Printable scheudles for the 117 and the 119 EFFECTIVE on NOVEMBER 16th, 2020, can be found below.