Route 108 and 103 Changes EFFECTIVE May 16th

Effective May 16th, 2021, SARTA's Rt. 108 will INTERLINE with the Rt. 103 resulting in a MAP and TIME TABLE CHANGE. 

Rt. 108 and 103:

The Rt. 108, after reaching Washington Square, will turn LEFT down Easton St. NE and make a stop at Edelweiss and Middlebranch where it will INTERLINE with the 103. The 108, upon reaching Edelweiss and Middlbranch, will change it's header to the Rt. 103 and head inbound to Cornerstone down Middlebranch. The 103 upon reaching Edelweiss and Middlebranch will change it's header to the 108 and head inbound to Cornerstone down Market Ave.

You will need to change buses at Edelweiss and Middlbranch if you wish to stay on the Rt. 103 or Rt. 108 for their inbound routes, respectively. 

This means that riders looking to board at Edelweiss and Middlebranch will now have the option of getting on SARTA's Rt. 103 OR Rt. 108 without the need to transfer at our Cornerstone Transit Center. 

Please see below for an updated Rt. 108 map and time table: (Rt. 103 Map and Time Table are not affected with these changes)