How to use PinPoint

PinPoint has several features that allow riders to easily use SARTA's reliable servcies.  


Simply text "PP"+"Stop ID" (ex. PP1234) to 321123 to receive a text of when the bus will be to a particular bus stop. 

Rider Alerts

PinPoint can notifiy riders about route detours, delays or other information. Also, PinPoint can be customized to allow riders to receive alerts for specific routes.  To begin receiving alerts:

  • Login to PinPoint or create a PinPoint login

  • Select "Notify me by" either text, email or both and save changes

  • For route specific, choose the My Routes tab
  • Select the route, direction, time, how you often to be notified, days to be notified and save changes

Google Transit

Want to plan a trip? Now you can plan a trip anywhere in Stark County and beyond.  Google Transit can be accessed by: 

  • PinPoint from desktop computer
  • SARTA Website
  • Google Maps/Transit