MedLine Services

SARTA's MedLine offers safe, reliable non-medical transportation services.  Qualified Department of Developmental Disabilities Medicaid Waiver recipients now ride without having to pay a fare.

What is MedLine?

A free service available for those with I/O and Level 1 Medicaid Waivers. Similar to ProLine, it allows clients to use SARTA to make up to two non-medical transportation trips per day (up to 240 days) to:  

  • Employment (including trips to Stark DD Workshops and other private day services)
  • Adult Day Support
  • Vocational Training 

Subscription trips are also available for MedLine customers! 


All MedLine drivers go through SARTA's extensive training and have received specialized CPR, First Aid and advanced BCI background checks. 

SARTA provides over 140,000 qualified, reliable ADA trips to individuals with disabilities in Stark County each year, providing us with the experience to deliver safe, dependable transportation you can count on

Switching to SARTA's MedLine Services is as easy as...

  1. Contact your SSA at the Stark County DD Board and request that SARTA become your non-medical transportation provider.  You can contact the DD Board at 330-479-3570 if you are unsure of who is your caseworker.  
  2. To register with SARTA, please contact our Medicaid Coordinator at 330-430-1746 . 
  3. Once approved, start booking your trips with SARTA by calling 330-639-2804