Get on Board for Public Transit

Get On Board for Transit encourages people to support public transportation and showcases the benefits it brings to communities.  Each weekday in the U.S., 34 million people board public transportation.

Additionally, public transportation is a cornerstone of local economies in urban, suburban, and rural communities. In fact, public transportation helps to make a community economically prosperous and competitive.  Every $1 invested in public transportation generates approximately $4 in economic returns, powering community growth and revitalization.

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Public transportation stimulates the local economy. SARTA has 34 fixed routes, as well as Proline, that go to grocery stores, restaurants, shopping centers and more.


Public transportation helps seniors and others who struggle with mobility get where they want to go.


Home values performed 42% better when located near high-frequency public transporation.


Public transporation connects people to good paying jobs by increasing access to employment opportunities. SARTA provides close to 10,000 rides a day, and 50% are for employment.


Public transportation makes our communities – and our nation – stronger. We call on local, state, and federal officials to commit to improving and expanding public transportation in every community. Want to join the movement? CLICK HERE to sign the petition to get on board for public transit today!