EZFare Passes on Uber

SARTA's EZFare passes are now avaialble to purchase on the Uber App! 

After a rider enters a destination in the Uber app they will see "Transit" as a transportation option. Upon selecting "Transit," riders will get all the Journey Planning information they need to get to their destination using public transportation including real-time transit data, trip-planning and end-to-end directions.

Buying your transit ticket in the Uber app is also easy - once a rider has selected their route, they can choose to purchase and redeem them using their existing payment profile. Tickets use visual and barcode validation, so entry onto a transit ride can remain touch-free. Once purchased, tickets are stored in the "Transit Tickets" section of the Uber app. Users activate tickets when boarding the bus and can do so even when they are offline (i.e. no cellular connectivity). They then either show the passes to the driver, or scan them using the onboard validation devices. 
Transit tickets purchased via Uber will cost the same amount as through existing options, and in combination with Journey Planning, allow you to plan, pay, and navigate all in one app--helping avoid long wait times and lost tickets. 

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