EZFare Passes on Moovit

SARTA's EZFare passes are available on the Moovit App! 

Riders can now purchase passes and plan their trips on SARTA all through the Moovit App! 

Once a user launches the Moovit app, inputs their destination and selects their transportation route, Moovit will:
  • Display the total cost of the trip: Whether it's a single bus trip, or transferring lines between multiple EZfare agencies, Moovit will calculate and display the total, and breakdown, fare of the trip
  • Enable in-app ticket purchasing: Users will have the ability to purchase transit tickets directly in the Moovit app, powered by Masabi's Justride mobile ticketing SDK for public transportation, which means users no longer need to fumble for change or stand in line at transit stations
  • Provide a unique QR code for ticket validation: Moovit will display a digital ticket and QR code, courtesy of Masabi, that can be visually inspected or scanned at onboard validation units currently being deployed across EZfare agencies.


For answers to more questions, check our the FAQ on Moovit's website


Download Moovit on Android and Apple devices: