Rider Rules

Rider safety and security of our riders are a priority, please be courteous and follow the rules. 

Be Courteous

  1. Have your fare ready upon boarding the bus. Insert money, pass, ticket, or transfer card. Change cards are issued if you do not have exact change.  
  2. Transfers are available upon request when boarding the bus and are good for one hour on any SARTA bus.
  3. Let those with disabilities or senior citizens have the priority seating in front of the bus.
  4. Refrain from talking to the bus operator while the bus is in motion, unless absolutely necessary.
  5. Pull signal string at least one block prior to your desire to exit at the next bus stop.
  6. Refrain from loud music or ringtones and use headphones to listen to music. If talking on your cell phone, keep your voice low.
  7. Don't get left behind, be sure to be seen at the bus stop. 

Policy for Riding

  1. Avoid Spills, no eating or drinking on the bus.
  2. Service animals trained to assist people with disabilities are allowed.  Other animals must be kept in a secured carrier that fits on your lap.  
  3. Smoking, including E-cigarettes, are prohibited inside SARTA vehicles, facilities and within 20 feet of any SARTA facility or bus.
  4. Shirt and shoes must be worn at all times.
  5. Bicycles are not allowed inside the bus.  All SARTA buses have bike racks and can fit up to 2 bikes. 
  6. No illegal possession and/or consumption of alcohol or illegal substances.
  7. Flammable, explosive or hazardous materials are prohibited.
  8. Do not litter or leave trash on the bus.
  9. If a seat is available, please use it. Otherwise, hold on when standing in the aisles.
  10. No unauthorized weapons.
  11. Keep belongings with you at all times.
  12. No photos and videotaping without prior authorizations.
  13. No damaging property in, on, or around SARTA vehicles or facilities, including graffiti.
  14. No solicitation, loitering, gambling or illegal activities.
  15. No harassing other passengers, SARTA employees, contractors or representatives.


  1.  No skateboarding, bike riding or roller skating is permitted on SARTA property.
  2. Strollers must be folded and stored securely. Small children should remain in a carrier/car seat while on the bus and held securely by an accompanying adult.
  3. Never stand in front of the yellow safety lines, while the bus is in motion. Never stand in stairwells.
  4. When exiting the bus or at a bus stop, remove headphones or lower the volume so you can hear.
  5. No fighting, throwing, pushing, horseplay, throwing things, shouting or using vulgar language.
  6. Do not stick any objects or part of your body out of the bus windows.
  7. Pedestrians must stay out of the bus lanes and be alert for moving vehicles at the transit centers.

Any individual that violates these rules may be removed, barred or banned from any SARTA vehicle, property, or facility, fined or imprisoned as outlined in Ohio Revised Code 306.99. These rules shall apply to all SARTA buses and facilities.  All SARTA buses and facilities are monitored by video and audio surveillance.