**Effective May 16th** Rt. 108 & 103 Changes and **NEW** 158 - Community Circulator

Join SARTA on Monday, April 19th, 2021 at 10AM for a Informational Meeting to discuss upcoming changes to SARTA Route 108 and 103 as well as the introduction of our NEW Rt. 158 - Community Circulator!

Due to COVID Restrictions, the meeting will be LIVESTREAMED on SARTA's Facebook page. Public comment and feedback is welcome and encouraged.

If you cannot make the meeting, questions/comments can be submitted on Facebook Posts related to the meeting or by using the online form below!

The changes that will be discussed are as follows:

Rt. 108/103: (See new Map and Time Table HERE)

Effective May 16th, 2021, SARTA's Rt. 108 will INTERLINE with the Rt. 103 resulting in a MAP and TIME TABLE CHANGE. 

The Rt. 108, after reaching Washington Square, will turn LEFT down Easton St. NE and make a stop at Edelweiss and Middlebranch where it will INTERLINE with the 103. The 108, upon reaching Edelweiss and Middlbranch, will change it's header to the Rt. 103 and head inbound to Cornerstone down Middlebranch. The 103 upon reaching Edelweiss and Middlebranch will change it's header to the 108 and head inbound to Cornerstone down Market Ave.

You will need to change buses at Edelweiss and Middlbranch if you wish to stay on the Rt. 103 or Rt. 108 for their inbound routes, respectively. 

This means that riders looking to board at Edelweiss and Middlebranch will now have the option of getting on SARTA's Rt. 103 OR Rt. 108 without the need to transfer at our Cornerstone Transit Center. 

Rt. 158: (See Map and Time Table HERE)

**NEW** COMING MAY 16th - Rt. 158 - Community Circulator

Effective May 16th, 2021, SARTA will be introducing a new Community Circulator, Route - 158, connecting the Walmart on US62 to the Walmart on Tuscarawas St. 

This new circulator will connect existing SARTA routes that use 12th St to both Walmarts without the need to tranfer buses at the Cornerstone Transit Center in Downtown Canton. 

Riders wishing to get to the Walmart on US62 will need to catch the 158 heading EAST on 12th St. 

Riders wishing to get the Walmart on Tuscarawas St. will need to catch the 158 heading WEST on 12th St.