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Veteran Demand Response Service

Overview of Program 

Our program is designed to enable Veterans in Stark County to reach employment.  Qualified Veterans will have access to Demand Response services provided by SARTA or ABCD at a reduced rate.  

*Veterans who have an ADA recognized disability should complete the Proline ADA application and the medical verification form.  Applications can be found at www.sartaonline.com/proline-paratransit.  

Veterans will be asked to fill-out the eligibility form below.   Once the form is reviewed and approved by SARTA, a Demand Response Customer Service ID number will be issued. Then an employment trip schedule will be developed.  Veterans will be eligible to utilize this program for up to 90 days.  

Tickets will be available at SARTA transit centers: 

  • One-Ride Tickets: $1.75

Veterans may also be eligible for our employment program which allows up to three, 31-day free passes on SARTA's fixed route buses to search for employment or reach employment.  A list of SARTA's agencies currently involved in this program can be found at www.sartaonline.com/transportingstarkcountybacktowork.  

What are Demand Response Services?

SARTA’s Demand Response Services can be utilized for Veteran employment needs and for those who cannot access the Fixed Route service due to a disability recognized by the ADA (Proline service).  Passengers usually ride with others who are traveling in the same general direction, and drivers may stop to pick up or drop off passengers in route.  SARTA provides transportation services only. 

Veterans Demand Response Application 

Please complete the online form below and submit to SARTA for review of eligibility.  This application is also available to be downloaded and printed by clicking above on eligibility form. 

General Information
Applicant Release

I understand the purpose of this evaluation form is to determine my eligibility for Veterans Demand Response Service.  I understand that information provided in this application will be kept confidential and shared only with professionals involved in evaluating my eligibility.  

I understand that providing false or misleading information can result in my eligibility status being revoked.  

  1. Click below to approve the application release.  *
Agency Release

(If no DD Form 214 or Veteran ID Card is available)

  1. I certify that the above applicant is a Veteran of the US Armed Services.
Applicant Information

Please read the following statement and check those that best describe what you believe to be your ability to use SARTA's Fixed Route bus service and your current transportation needs.  You may select more than one. 

  1. I use SARTA's Fixed Route Service frequently.
  2. I believe I can learn to ride SARTA's Fixed Route Service, If I were taught.
  3. I would utilize fixed route services; however, there are no services available close to where I live.
  4. My current employment is not on/near a fixed route.
  5. I have a child(ren) I need to get to daycare as well as my job.
  6. I have a disability that prevents me from using fixed route service (Please fill-out Proline ADA application)

If you have any questions or need assistance completing this form, please call: 330.455.2292.

SARTA will provide a determination of eligibility within 21 days of receiveing the Veteran Demand Response Applicaiton and copies of DD Form 14/Veterans Card or verification from an approved Veterans agency.  

Security Check
Note: Form fields appended with the asterisk (*) are required to ensure the best possible response to your submitted information
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