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Check out why SARTA is so important to so many in Stark County. 

We would love to hear why SARTA is important to you, your family or friends.  Fill out the form to the right and share your SARTA story! 

"I ride SARTA to go to work, school and the store.  I even use it to go to the Airpoprt.  Without SARTA, I would not have a job or be able to go to my kids school events." 

- David Gardner

"I take SARTA to go to see my family and to go to work at WalMart.  SARTA's services let me be independant adn to leave my house." 

- Jakob Miller 

"I ride the bus to go to work, the libary, shopping and college.  I save money every month with the Student Bus Passes."

- Candice Gilligan

"Its the only way I can get around and ti gives me Freedom!  I ride all the time."

-Linda Bailey  


"I ride SARTA to go to meetings, out with friends, to my appointments and to the grocery store.  I love the bus and it gets me around."

-Ada Matuszczak


"I have been ridding SARTA for 10 years to go to the grocery store, work, the doctors and to visit family and friends.  Without SARTA I would have no way to do anything." 

-Mary Jane Smalls, Canton, Ohio 


"I love SARTA, if it was not for SARTA I would not have been able to stay in college and have gotten my job."

-Alexandria Sturgis 



"I ride the 81 Express to visit with my family in Akron because I dont drive. Its convenient and takes me straight to where I need to be." 

-Brenda J. Hudak, Canton, Ohio 

"I ride SARTA back and forth to Akron for school.  The 81 makes it easy to meet with family and friends." 

-Charles, Canotn Ohio 



"Both my daughters use SARTA's Proline service.  The one uses it to go to work and to volunteer at Pegasus Farms a few days a week.  They have the indpendance to go to work, the grocery store, shopping or dinner with friends and to volunteer in our communty.  Thank you SARTA for the wonderful services you provide to my daughters and the community."

-Tena Wilson, Stark County District Library


"This is the best Service, to have fast-couteous service, without it my trips would not be possible."

-Lily L. Williams


"I ride SARTA because I do not have a vehicle at the moment.  I go to general places like work, dinner out with friends and to the grocery store."

-Kashous Turner


"I have been riding SARTA off and on since High School.  SARTA is my main transportation."

-Brittain Burt


"I ride SARTA to get back & forth to work, to my appointments, basically to get around."

-Jennifer Turley


"I ride SARTA to and from school at Stark State.  SARTA is extremely useful. I also use Proline for medical appointments."

-Bill Clifford


"SARTA makes it easy for me to get to work and to run my errands."

-David Wilder II


"My wife and I take SARTA everywhere.  We have a car; however, we chose to use the bus becasue the service is so great.  For my birthday we used SARTA to go to the Akron Zoo and plan to go back in July." 

-Kenneth C. Richardson


 "I love riding SARTA! Its amazing to ride the bus and I can get where I need to go from 6 am to 9 pm."

-Tallana Rivera


 "I have ridding for 12 years.  SARTA's personnel are professional, caring, courteous and well-groomed.  Overcoming the initial fear is worth the pleasures of riding SARTA."

-Betty Taylor 


  "When our van died, I worried about getting around.  I knew a bus ran by our curb but was clueless on how it worked.  Thanks to a driver, I learned how to use the bus.  I thank all the drivers you do an amazing job.  Thank you Sarta and the drivers of the 103 bus."

-Denise Lilly


"I enjoy SARTA because they are always on time.  The buses are clean and the dirvers are nice."

- Jeanne Rebillot


 " I travel with SARTA to all of my medical appointments between Canton and Akron. I wouldn't be able to get around without SARTA. They offer more support that I ever expected."

-Melissa Erskine



"I use SARTA to get to my appointments.  It's fast and useful to get where I need to go.  Everyone is friendly and wonderful."

James Deitnick



"I ride SARTA to get to school and to help with the high price of gas.  Thank you SARTA for what you do for us."

-Joe Presutti




"I do drive, but when the weather gets bad I feel safer having reliable transportation.  Riding SARTA is stress free and dependable.  Last winter I rode SARTA to Akron when the weather and the roads were really bad."

- Nicole Arbogast



 "I use SARTA for both work and school.  It is the most affordable method of transportation I can find and it gives me time to study that I would normally spend driving."  

-Nathaniel L. Ellgass


"I am always grateful for the safe, dependable, convenient service.  I have never had a less than satisfactory SARTA ride.  Congratulations on the first 15 years."

-Eric Resnick

 Keno 1.21.13


"I thank God for our county's transportation because I am without transportation or an income.  The wonderful people at SARTA have helped me in so many ways enabling me to get where I need to be." 

Rachel Mystique Gross


"I take SARTA to get to and from work.  I also use it to go grocery shopping and to my doctor." 

- Phillip Glunt


"When I thought there was a chance that SARTA might go away I was sickened.  I know that the people who work for SARTA are great and that SARTA is good for our area."

- Arie Nell Freeman


"SARTA is the only mode of transportation for most of the seniors in our senior group.  The Travel Training program is awesome.  The program made it easy for them to learn how to ride all the time."

- Jennie Miller



"SARTA has such a wonderful transportation team.  I ride the 103/108 everyday going home from work.  I always know I am safe and getting home with them."

- Allan Hively


"SARTA does a very good job with Travel Training. All of the information is very useful. Even though I ride the bus a lot, I learned much more from this program that I thought I would."

-Jacob Clements



"I depend on SARTA everyday. I use the bus to go to work, doctor appointments, the store, and to visit my mom. There is always a bus stop near by and the bus drivers are always nice."

-Lisa Duplain


"I love SARTA!"

-Paula Gene Rogers 


"I take the bus everday. It's great to get to work and school and is very convenient and reliable."

-Shawn Butler



"The Travel Training Program helped me to understand and appreciate SARTA for their dedication and committment to take other without transportation so many places."

-Ashley Anderson


"I am out of work and currently looking for a job. I am learning to ride the bus so I don't have to bug my friends for rides!"

-Thomas Garrettson


"I like to use the bus for work, shopping, going to the doctor and recreation center."

-Haldene Douglin


"I will be riding the bus from Canton to Akron. This will definitely save me money."

-Susan Johnson


"I am new to the state and looking for employment. The Travel Training Program is very helpful in covering many of the surrounding towns I am unfamiliar with."

-Luis Ramos


"SARTA has helped me in many ways ranging from getting to school, interviews and work. It has even helped me in my personal life from getting together with friends to going on dates with my girlfriend. Whether is be for work or play, SARTA is there to assist me."

-Todd Stasko



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